Lloyd’s Habitational Program

Rated A.M. Best A Non-Admitted

General Program Highlights

  • 1-10 Unit Apartment with or without Mercantile
  • Eligible Occupancies - Include Mercantile (retail) and offices as well as
  • Restaurants with cooking exposure
  • Up to $3.5M in TIV limit
  • All construction types are eligible
  • Frame Row Accepted
  • No Coastal Restrictions
  • Hard to Place, Declined Risk
  • Flexible E&S Underwriting
  • Excellent Service / Turnaround Time

As an Exclusive Program Manager partnering with Lloyds, New Age Underwriters has put in place a creative and competitive Habitational Program, offering an avenue to place risks not always available through our standard distribution channels.

If you are interested, and not currently placing business with New Age, complete our
Broker’s Application / Broker’s Agreement and return to Marketing@NewAgeIns.com

If you are currently writing with New Age and are interested, please send applications to Submissions@NewAgeIns.com

*Available States: NYS, NJ, CT, and PA

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