Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company

A.M. Best A- Admitted

Direct Appointment / Quoting with Carrier

General Program Highlights

  • 1, 2, or 3 Family Homes (NO landlord, rental-only or commercial policies)
  • Five Boro’s, Nassau / Western Suffolk County, Westchester / Orange County
  • HO3 Cov A min $80K – Max $999K
  • Homeowner/Insured MUST live in the house and the insured premises
  • Must be the homeowners/insured’s primary residence
  • Home must be 3200 sq. ft. or less, excluding a finished basement, attic or garage
  • Proximity to Shoreline/Water; Nothing within three thousand (3000) feet of the shoreline or any body of salt or
    brackish water (i.e. ocean, bay, inlet, canal, and/or similar body salt or brackish water)
  • Insured must have continuous coverage for prior year
  • No more than two or more claims within five years preceding the application date
  • No burglary claims (one or more) within five years preceding the application

As Program Manager for Tristate Consumers Insurance Company* we are able to offer you the opportunity for a Direct Appointment.
You will have the ability to Quote and deal direct with the Carrier.

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*Please note Tri-State is for New York risks only

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